Origin One of the first species to be introduced by humans to the Balearic Island was the goat, an artiodactyl originally from eastern Asia. The goats that were imported during the pre-Talayotic period were derived from the Bezoar goat Capra Aegragrus.

Horns Always present in both sex and well developed in the males, where they open out and are long and spiraled.

Color and Marks Black eumelanin and pale to fiery red pheomelanin. A black antero-posterior dorsal strip, several centimeters in thickness, runs down the base of the tail. The marks on the face are also black, as are the inner parts of the legs, hooves and belly.

Only the bucks have a black beard that grows whit the age.

About the trip.

The balearen boc is only found in Mallorca on the north part of the island where we hunt in a place type A ,  100% pure genetic for this goat.

Spotting and stalking hunt , looking for this special goat.

Different categories in Boc.

  • Representative – 5/6 years old – up to 62 cmt. (<20,6")
  • Bronze Medal – 5/7 years old – 62/70 cmt. (20,6-23,4″)
  • Silver Medal – 7/9 years old – 70/78 cmt. (23,4-26″)
  • Gold Medal – 9 or older – 78/90 cmt. (26-30,1″)

*These measurements are estimate; the thickness of the basis we must also consider for the medals.

*All the measurements are by SCI.

We are ready to provide you an unforgettable hunting trip , come and live the experience


All year around.

Where are you going to hunt?

North part of Mallorca , in Alcudia Harbour.

Perfect trip to combine with tourism.

Free range hunting trip.

  • Situation – Mallorca Island
  • Free range area
  • Hunting area size: 5.000 has.
  • Nearest Airport:  Palma
  • Distance from the airport: 45 minutes  hours from the Airport.
  • Team spoken: English and Spanish.

Physical conditions, normaly we adapt to the physical condition of each client, beign able to hunt in many different areas choosing the best adapted for each hunter.

On the shooting distance it varies between 100 to 250 mt. always keep in mind that we are hunting in the mountains. Calibers from 270 w.m. to 300 w.m. any caliber with the average weight on the ammo and semi-soft points.

We have at your disposal a variety of rifles and calibers to able use in your hounting wothout traveling with yours.

Where you are going to stay?

S.I. looks always for the best accommodations close to the hunting areas, sometimes we have hotels****, sometimes rural accommodations, but we try always to offer the best option with the best services, typical and local Spanish food.

In Palma the offer for hotels is amazing mostly in the north of the island.


Terms / Conditions

Price Include

  • Trophy
  • 1 hunting days
  • Hunting license/permits and Insurance
  • Professional Hunter Services Spanish/English
  • Field trophy preparation
  • Successfully 100%

Terms of Payment

  • Deposit: 25%based on trip Price
  • Final payment: 30 days before hunt


  • Deposit is not refundable

Price DOES NOT include

  • Airlines tickets (international and domestic)
  • Gratuities/tips
  • Trophy packing and shipping costs
  • Taxidermist fee


  • 100% of trophy Price
  • We are AEPES members, national association of trail dogs.