The “Spanish Monteria” is the most famous, classic and traditional hunting method for big games in Spain.

An amazing experience that allows the hunter to live incredible hunting chances  in a friendly ambiance surrounded by the most typical Spanish landscape and our typical  food and wine.

A different experience to live at least once in your hunting life!

! Exclusive trips for privates groups!


From 10 hunters we can arrange your own and exclusive Monteria group, and you can combination whit a driven partridges hunt also.

Also we have a commercial program where you can choose and book different day’s whit a hunters group establish.

We have selected several possibilities in the best Spanish private’s areas.

Every Monteria takes place in fields on estates of several thousands of acres.

In our hunting areas you can hunt, red deer, mouflon, fallow deer and hinds and even exclusive Monteria for wild boar. About the quality and number of games depends of the group demand, we can hunt farms with large quantity and quality, in a normal day, 15 hunters can get 100/130 games per day.

Each hunter has 1 guy to help him, secretary to mark and recover the games.

The hunting area is normally thickly bushed, the dogs are relies to frighten the games to where the hunters are situated.

This way of big game hunting is a true spectacle due to the beauty of the countryside, the beaters, hounds and hound keepers moving around all the games to the hunters.

You have to be ready to be surprised in your blind by a big heard of games arrive to your place.

! Unforgettable experience!


The opened hunting season starts from 12TH October to end of February, being possible to hunt at weekend or daily days.



  •  With at least 20 days before the Monteria, hunters should give the following information:
  • Passport number or Identity Card. -Complete name. -Date of Birth.
  • Telephone or fax number.
  • Make and serial number of rifles.
  • To have the booked confirmed, it is necessary to pay the 50% of the total payment as a deposit concept.


  • Accommodation in the hunting area or Hotel****
  • Typical Spanish breakfast and lunch served in the hunting area.
  • Transportation service in the hunting area.
  • Transport from/to airport.
  • License, insurance and permits.
  • Taxidermy service in the Monteria.
  • Airport gun clearance.
  • Not included tips and dinners.

We are ready to provide you with the professional service, come and live the experience.