We have 3 different areas in Salamanca, Toledo and Ciudad Real, more than 8000 has of land where the traditional red partridge shooting.

In this present year, we have been successful obtaining one of the most select and prerogative hunting areas, which offers to the amateurs an exciting place for the shooting party besides of the excellent organization that takes care of the last detail and promises to hunters the best quality of partridge’s in Spain.


 The hunting areas in have the characteristics of the traditional driven partridge, with a countryside covered low forest, in which there is a mixture of soft slopes, without too hard rises, with places where the high terrain allows shooters enjoy themselves shooting on really high and fast birds.

We offer the chance of hunting 2 full days without repeating any drive. As a great attraction, we would like to stand out a majestic city how Salamanca is for those hunters who are interested in.


Usually we have 4/5 different driven during the hunting day, having a lottery in the breakfast time for the different hunting emplacement during the day.

The organization has all the necessaries 4 WD to transfer hunters during the shooting day. As well, we have a throughout gun keeping service which will check and clean your guns in order to avoid any kind of failure. We are able to supply you with any sort of cartridges and calibers, having them in permanent stock in the lodge. It is very important to have in mind that is completely forbidden to double stands, but it is possible to change them between one and other drive, because following this way we limit the chance of having an accident. As last, remind you that the lines of the shooting must count between 8 and 12 guns.

Each hunter has 2 guys to help him, secretary and loader to recover the birds and to reload the guns; both are very important ant typical on this hunt.



The opened hunting season starts from 1st September to end of March, being possible to hunt at weekend or daily days.


  • With at least 20 days before the shooting, hunters should give the following information:
  • Passport number or Identity Card. -Complete name. -Date of Birth.
  • Telephone or fax number.
  • Make and serial number of guns.
  • To have the booked shooting confirmed, it is necessary to pay the 50% of the total payment as a deposit concept.

                                                     PACKAGE INCLUDES

  • Beautiful Lodge, full service.
  • Typical Spanish cooking served at comfortable and nice camp facilities in the hunting zone.
  • Transportation service in the hunting area.
  • Gun keeping service.
  • Alcoholic drink.
  • Transport from/to airport.
  • Price per bird –from 27 € to 35 € (minimum 400 birds per day)
  • Daily Rate – 200 € per hunter / 100 € per observer.
  • Secretary and loader 70 €/day/guy.
  • Not included tips for team and lodge and cartridges.



We are ready to provide you with the professional service, come and live the experience.